Introducing, Tick Tock Track

I’ve been sitting on this domain for the past 7 years. Yes, 7 years the idea for this app has been bouncing around in my head. So, it provides me with great pleasure to finally be putting in the time and effort to take this squatting domain and build an app behind it that it so justly deserves.

Even though I’ve been thinking about this product for a while now, I’d like to think that all the time that has passed has provided me with both the time, and experiences, to build a better app than I ever could have back in the day. Having worked at both a high-paced agency (Fi), and a pretty well known online video product (Vimeo), those experiences have helped to expand the way I think about project, and more importantly time, management. I’ve been exploring what makes up the core components of each, how they can be used in isolation and combination, with the hope to create tools that will allow teams to not only work more efficiently, but also increases the quality of output due to having both more information to create plans from, but also a greater level of communication so that members can all be on the same page and help to challenge one another.

The goal of Tick Tock Track is to be a super simple time tracking app that both individuals and teams can use to both track their time, but also evaluate how they are using their time, which can allow for process and habits to be honed to work more efficiently, and hopefully less!

With that said, Tick Tock Track is just one piece of this product pie that I plan on building out. All of the pieces are going to be built to integrate with the other, but at the same time robust enough to be used individually depending on what your needs are.

Moving forward, I'll be using this space to both discuss thoughts and explorations that are going into the product, along with other explorations about how we can all work and live a better life. I hope you'll join in the conversation.